"This was such an easy & wonderful experience! It allows the buyer to see the vehicle without going to each private residence..."
--Michelle P.
Every Weekend Rain or Shine at Sierra College in Rocklin
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I am a seller having techincal difficulties using this website. How can I get help?

Use the Technical Support Check List that allows most customers to quickly and easily solve their problem. If not, contact us usin gthe Support/Feedback link in th emain menu to your left.

How do I edit my vehicle's info, such as changing the price?

Log in and click on "Edit Vehicle Info" under the vehicle listing in your account. All changes are real-time and may be edited up to the moment you check-in.

How much does it cost to sell my vehicle at the Auto Fair?

Please see the Display Fee Pricing page in the website main menu to the left.

What do I need to bring to the Auto Fair to check in my vehicle?

If you register using our WebExpress system on this website, just bring your on-line confirmation page to use one of the WebExpress self-service print stations and follow the directions. If you arrive without your confirmation page or barcode number, go to a customer service window. If you are going to register in person instead of using the web, you will need your vehicle's 17 digit Vehicle Identification Number and license plate number. Either way, just show up with your vehicle 4pm-10pm Friday or after 8 am Saturday and we provide all other supplies for you.

How do I let someone else drop-off or pick-up my vehicle?

Anyone can drop off the vehicle; ID's are checked at vehicle pick-up. The account holder on our website can be either the registered owner of the vehicle or an authorized agent of theirs. Then enter the opposite person in the \"Additional Authorized agents\" section during regsitration, making sure that the registered owner's name is in one place or the other. Either way, the important thing is that the person taking calls, representing the owner, or adminstering any portion of the offering or transaction, has authorization by the person currently listed on the title to sell the vehicle on their behalf. Also list anyone else that may pick-up the vehicle under \"Additional Authorized Agents\" during registration.

What are your hours this weekend?

Please click on Hours and Location in the menu at left.

Do you accept salvage title vehicles?

No, salvage title vehicles are not permitted at the Auto Fair. If a seller displays a salvage title vehicle in violation of our policy, it is usually found very quickly through VIN # checks and removed from display immediately, without a display fee refund to the seller.

My vehicle is still financed. Can I sell it at the Auto Fair?

Yes, many of the vehicles sold at the Auto Fair still have loans being paid on them. Because all lenders deal with payoff and releasing the vehicle's title differently, we recommend you contact your lender to find out what their specific process will be.

Can I still register for this weekend?

Yes, you can register for the current weekend until 11:59 p.m. Saturday. All registrations and edits to vehicle profiles are real-time up until the moment you check-in and print your forms on location at the Auto Fair, so you could even register or edit your vehicle and check-in in 2 seconds later.

Why don’t you display your vehicle inventory on your website?

Vehicles continue checking in and selling all weekend, so there is no point at which we could generate a list. The speed at which vehicles typically sell at this weekend event is simply too fast to even post them on our website real-time, as sellers don't have to update us on the status of their vehicle, so buyers would too often be looking at vehicles that had already sold or were in the process of being sold, and then be upset that they drove out for no reason. With thousands of buyers coming through and the resulting amazingly superior sale rates we can provide to our paying sellers with our current format, we say if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Can I call the Auto Fair during the weekend to ask whether you have a certain vehicle on the lot?

Sorry, we can not take calls on site about inventory, as our database does not allow this type of searching since it is necessary to allow sellers to hand enter their own makes and models with varying conformity, and things are way too big and move way too fast around here for staff to physically search the lot. Plus, since vehicles are constantly selling and sellers don't have to update us on the status of their vehicle, buyers would too often be driving out to look at vehicles that was in the process of being sold even though the vehicle was physically on the lot when they called, and then be upset that they drove out for no reason. We realize and understand that this format may not be optimal for far-away buyers who don't want to make the drive to see if something specific is on the lot, but this event is built to serve the majority and has proven a most enjoyable and efficient medium for the thousands of buyers coming through. With buyers only buying what they set out to about 10% of the time, it works for most folks to check the inventory in person, and this format is what differentiates us and what leads to the resulting incomparable sale rates we can provide to our paying sellers.

Can I reserve a specific parking space?

Pre-registering over the web is like buying a "General Admission" ticket, and the reservation of specific spaces is not possible. Space selection is completed on a first-come, first-served basis. All customers must follow directions given via on-site signs and adhere to our parking policy as outlined in the Terms and Conditions. All dually trucks, RV's, watercraft, trailers, and other oversize vehicles must park in the specific space assigned by a parking attendant. However, it is important to note that after many years of experience, we have found that no space is better than another. Any buyer serious enough to come to the Auto Fair to look at vehicles for sale is going to look everywhere on the lot for a vehicle that fits their criteria. And since there is no advantage of one space over another, we recommend waiting until at least 4:15 to arrive to avoid the 4pm rush.

Display fee proceeds benefit scholarships, programs, and equipment through the Sierra College Foundation.
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