"We previously tried once to sell our Jeep Cherokee last summer, with no success. This time we sold it in about 15 minutes. "
--Patrick D.
Every Weekend Rain or Shine at Sierra College in Rocklin
"Thank you Sierra Auto Fair! I sold my vehicle in 2 days with no hassle or confusion and I contributed to the college as well!! THANKS AGAIN!"
-- Desiree F., Sacramento

CLOSED TEMPORARILY due to COVID-19 Coronavirus:

Please support us by taking advantage of our win-win "Best Deal Ever" below!

In compliance with government orders requiring "non-essential" businesses to close, for the first time in 23 years the Auto Fair has temporarily suspended operations.
•During the closure, NO parking is permitted on the Sierra College grounds, subject to tow away. (We had the question asked)

At the Auto Fair we love a good win-win, so we are throwing out this unprecedented "BEST DEAL EVER" offer designed to get commerce moving again as soon as possible. If you register to sell now, we are charging only a ONE TIME discounted flat rate display fee of Autos $49, RVs $49, Boats $39, Others $39, Cycles/ATVs $29, and we are GUARANTEEING A SALE by providing you UNLIMITED visits for up to one year for the one-time flat rate fee! This is an unprecedented offer good when you register ONLINE now. Note the site will confirm your registration for the current or upcoming weekend, but you are actually registering for any weekends you choose within 1 year (once we re-open), and you will have UNLIMITED weekends to sell it for 1 year as things normalize. Our Best Deal Ever will be available until "shelter-in-place" orders are lifted, or until we sell out of 1 weekend's worth of space for each vehicle type, whichever comes FIRST, so to ensure you get our Best Deal Ever, register without delay.
TERMS of the Best Deal Ever:
•You MUST pre-register via this website all the way through including completing payment until the website confims your registration.
•All future weekends including free must be pre-registered for individually via our website, and space is subject to availablility for your vehicle type on a given weekend (first come first served via web pre-registration as always).
•The first weekend that we re-open we guarantee you a space ONLY if you register now.
•Consecutive weekends are never required; As long as you register once before this offer sells out, come whenever you want for one year with the same vehicle.
•Refunds will not be offered. If you cancel after registering, we will only issue a 1 visit credit to your web account.
•Existing Vehicles: If you displayed your vehicle prior to now, register it now (whether a free or paid wekeend) and you will be eligible for this 1 year unlimited offer.

Our tentative re-open date is either Friday 4/17 OR 5/1/2020, but is of course subject to change depending on government orders and will be updated here. When we do re-open, this virus will not have magically evaporated, and we must all think in terms of normalizing life with an appropriate and adapted level of caution. The Auto Fair process is perfect for times like this, because it allows commerce to continue while simultaneously facilitating the practice of "social distancing", which is one of the primary defenses against the spread of COVID-19. For example, while serving all of these people, folks can still keep their distance outdoors, everyone can come and go autonomously, looking without salespeople or showrooms, and sell with web pre-registration, touchless check-in, and having buyers screened so they can actually see your vehicle in person in a secure public location instead of in your home or having to meet with every prospective buyer directly who turns out not to be interested. In times of social distancing it is also important that people have mental health outlets and a connection to the community, and we are proud to provide a point of return for safe and healthy connection, while helping the economy get flowing again as well. Until the closure, folks were telling us how much they appreciate the opportunity to get outside and get some fresh air while taking care of business rain or shine, and unprecedented sales ratios were reflecting that. We look forward to unleashing the flood gates of commerce in a low-risk and healthy way when everyone can leave their homes again. So When the all government "shelter-in-place" orders are lifted that apply to our geographic location, we will re-open and resume operations every weekend rain or shine. Even if the Sierra College campus remains officially closed to visitors, the Auto Fair will re-open in our remote parking lots G (buyer parking), and H/I (for sale vehicles). Any CDC, state, or local "large gathering" directives that may remain in place will not affect our operations because the attendees are dispersed both over a large outdoor area, and over the course of an entire weekend, not all present at once. We are also prepared to re-open with some temporary modifications to our normal services and operations to the degree necessary to conduct business in a socially responsible way, prioritizing the health of our staff, customers, and the public at large, while providing an essential forum for necessary transportation commerce.

Until now, we've been here every single weekend since 1997 without exception, and we have found that serious buyers show up here every weekend whether torrential rains, or Superbowl, or Christmas, or smoky from fires, or hot. They came right after 9/11 and during the outbreaks of SARS, West Nile, and Zika viruses, and until the closure they showed up during this latest phenomenon. There are many different motivations for both buying and selling vehicles that makes it urgent and time-sensitive for different people. What we have learned in 23 years is that serious buyers are always buying, and at times like those to come, buyers often choose used Autos, Boats, Cycles, and RV's over new. Plus, in times of stress people even more so just want to get it over with, and this is simply the most efficient and effective method for both buyers and sellers no matter what. Accordingly, we are expecting an explosion of pent-up demand activity when we resume, and as a local small business and fund raiser for the Sierra College Foundation, we genuinely appreciate your support and look forward to bringing the community back together when the time comes.

Please Note: This offer is not a sustainable business model and it will not be available after it sells out, or once we announce our official re-opening, whichever comes first. We are doing our part to re-start the economy at the first opportunity, and serve our loyal customer base in these difficult times. You will know if the deal for a specific Vehicle Type sells out because when you log into your account the "stoplight" will be red for your Vehicle Type and the system will not let you register. If all vehicle types sell out, we will delete this message entirely. Please don't ask for this offer later if you don't grab it now, as we have employees and families to feed too! To take advantage of the Best Deal Ever before it sells out, click on Register To Sell in the main menu to your left, and we'll see you soon!

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